Models – Part II

Shooting With Harry Neelam – PART II

OK, So how do the free Art Gallery Test Shoots work?
And most importantly, how can you score one?

Look, each shoot has certain criteria and quite specific requirements – so for starters, you must fit those.
If I’m looking for a very pale-complexioned redhead with freckles, you shouldn’t expect to be selected if you’re a tanned blonde.
If I want a African woman with a deep, dark complexion, don’t apply if you’re white.
– There may be age, weight or height requirements.
– There may be some “on-set” nudity involved.
– There may be other specs you have to match.
The point is, you can’t expect to get a free shoot (it’s a gift) and then dictate your requirements.
It’s like going to an Italian restaurant and insisting they serve you only Chinese food. Get it?

Having said that, I welcome intelligent collaboration with women who come bubbling with great creativity.
I have had great shoots with women who become an integral part of the team and take ownership of the direction and a passion for the results.
These then, are women, who I tend to shoot with again, and again, and again; And they become good friends. I like that.

As a general rule, every woman is suitable to shoot with me – I have photographed women of all types, ages, sizes and ethnicity – not all, but close;
If you view my folios, you will soon realize that I don’t discriminate and don’t have a fixed type of woman that I shoot.

Yes, I don’t discriminate on the judgmental criteria used by society.
However, I have my own cranky type of discrimination – I totally avoid people who are lazy and therefore tend towards stupidity.
– I explain everything in great detail. In my castings, on my sites, folios, model pages and so on.
– There is the Great Google – font of all knowledge,  and wisdom. 😉
Read it. Use it.

If you don’t do your homework.
If you are too lazy to do your research.
If you don’t do your due diligence.
Let’s not meet – really.
It won’t be pretty and no good will come out of it.

Even if you fit all those, you must catch the casting call when it is open.
Each casting call has specific requirements – see above.
Those requirements usually do not include “my boyfriends think I’m really pretty – thanks mommy & daddy for the great genes”.
True story. I didn’t make this up.

Then you have to actually be selected and that depends on your competition at the casting call.

It may not mean that you’re not good enough, but that your competition is better.

Not quite a lottery – but close.
Discouraged, disheartened?
I didn’t write all this to get you down.
I really didn’t.

Here’s a little secret.
The really smart ones – and eventually some of my favourite models I have shot with again and again, are disciplined and persistent.
They add me on Facebook, subscribe to my blog and newsletter, keep in touch and make themselves visible. They play nice.

Then comes a day when I’m thinking of a shoot – what do I do?
Turn to the ones who keep in touch, and have been nice all along.
I check if they are available, and if the stars align, voila – we shoot!

That btw, is the secret to success in Anything! Business, Career, Relationships – whatever!
Woody Allen said it best “50% of the secret to success is just showing up”

Sometimes, I just like someone’s persistence and determination and shoot – just because…
So there you go.

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