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This has been one of the rockiest three weeks of my whole life and, believe you me, I’ve had some rocky times…

ACT I: I started late last month – devastated by some shattering news.
ACT II: Then last week I was on a high, thinking the worst was over.
Champagne, celebrations, Yay, Hurray, It’s all good…but no….
ACT III: Then came the third act “You were saying what? Let me tell you how this rolls, buddy, not so fast…..”
So I’m waiting now for the conclusion, the prognosis, the denoument…

Nope, I don’t believe in Gods, sky fairies, unknown forces who pull our strings.
[sorry – those who do – I’m a heathen, a pagan, an atheist, a non-believer]

I believe in science, precision, funnily enough on the limited and incomplete knowledge of our bodies, of human life, of why we exist.
And Live.
And Die.
I trust experts who have the experience and science and knowledge to help us.
And medicine. And nuclear machines.

I met one today.
He’s an expert – I wouldn’t tolerate anything else.

I hope he’s as good as they say he is.
I hope he knows what he’s doing.
I hope.
My gorgeous, amazing, beloved wife is human.
She’s been my best friend through the best part of my life.
She’s fragile.
As all we human, carbon-based life forms are.
she exists. As do I.

As long as we are allowed to.
As long as we are allowed to by the sins, transgressions and silly stunts we commit while we are young, and free,
and invincible
and immortal.
Until we are not.

Yes, I’m philosophizing. I’m rationalizing. I’m talking to myself.
Is anyone listening?

Ahhh – just enjoy the song – let’s be Irish

Stephanie: ORGANICS Project – III


After a long chat on Facebook, Stephanie turns up for her shoot. I told her I was kinda disappointed. She has a sleek figure like a gazelle, skin that glows from within, a big bright grin that lights up her face and the looks of a young Cindy … [Continue reading]

Hayley: ORGANICS Project – II


I felt like starting this post with "...BECAUSE..." Why have I embarked on the Organics Project and what's it all about? Because. - Because I can. - Because I've been Photoshopping forever. - Because I want to go back to basics. - Because I … [Continue reading]

Sus’n in P’nk ‘n Blu’


This is a teaser for the 4x4 of Susn Dybvyk I will be posting here soon(ish) The 4x4 (ie. 4 images across by 4 images down) is a layout I have been doing since 1984 for editorials, gallery work and for clients  - except here I have done the sneak … [Continue reading]



Now for something completely different! My wife Lillian's birthday falls around the same time as Christmas so it simultaneously makes buying a gift easy & difficult. She loves photography - and images, but hates my large, heavy, fully loaded … [Continue reading]

This Girl is RIDICULOUS!

Susn Dybvyk - LightBlast

[ABOVE: Seriously, is this how good you're allowed to look after an intense, marathon 8-hour shoot?? Cool, poised, and just not raising a sweat? RI-DI-CU-LOUS! There oughta be a law against looking this good after a huge photoshoot! These images … [Continue reading]

Another Josie Image

Josie - Backless with Lace mask

Yup! We're back to Josie again... I have this image I really like of Josie and as I'm working on it, I think, I really shouldn't mess with it - not much anyway. She looks amazing without any photoshop artifice. - It's just her and her … [Continue reading]

Shooting Josie Au Naturel

CLICK to Enlarge - Josie BW Roses

I've gotten it into my head lately that I want to shoot images that are natural, pure, clean - unadulterated by manipulation, makeup, photoshop and post-production. Why? Well, look at my folio - it's full of what my wife calls loud, colorful and … [Continue reading]

Frida Kahlo Portrait

Frida Kahlo Portrait

So we rock up to a new restaurant, hoping for a pleasant experience but basically we were meeting up with our son for lunch so that was the main thing. We walk in and see a large Día de los Muertos (Mexican festival: day of the dead) picture on the … [Continue reading]

Raindance – Rainy Day portraits of strangers

Christmas Lights at St. Marys Cathedral in Sydney

I had procrastinated seriously on shooting the Christmas projections at St. Mary's Cathedral in central Sydney, and the last day I could do it was a wet, thundery Christmas day! Ah well, so at the urging of my wife Lillian (who also wanted to shoot … [Continue reading]

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