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About Harry Neelam

& Harry Neelam Studios

With over 25 years of experience in fashion, commercial & industrial work internationally – encompassing print, film, video & multimedia, I have produced and directed major creative projects including major launches, produced and directed TVCs, I have shot dozens and dozens of magazine CoverGirls, done heaps of fashion spreads and cosmetics/beauty campaigns plus tons of corporate/automotive and commercial work.
And had an absolute blast;
That however, is not currently the focus of my work.

Fine Art Photography and artistic post-production is how I express my vision now and my work is displayed and sold in galleries worldwide. I’m now fully engaged in creative art projects for which I’m seeking extroverted, uninhibited, exhibitionist models / actors / musicians / performers with vibrant, out there, wacky, kooky personalities. I also welcome MUAs & stylists who would like to collaborate.
Contact me NOW to participate / collaborate. 😉

LAST SHOOTS FOR 2011: I will probably be doing my last few shoots in Australia in 2011 before I move permanently to Paris, France where I am now based.
I will continue to operate in Sydney as well as New York for the foreseeable future, but my availability will become even more limited.

ART PROJECTS 2011-2012: I am planning and designing several concurrent projects which will come to fruition over the next 18-24 months.
Contact me NOW – Urgently – DO it – to participate / collaborate. 😉

– December 2010 – Jan / Feb 2011 – Home in Sydney
– Feb – March 2011 – Berlin, Germany; Paris, France;
– March – April 2011 – New York / Miami, USA;
– April – May 2011 – Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide;
– June 2011 – Sydney;
– July – Sept 2011 TBA;
– Sept – Oct 2011 New York – NY, Scottsdale + Phoenix – Arizona, San Francisco – CA;
– Nov – Dec 2011 – Sydney – Australia;
– Dec 2011 – Back in Paris
– Jan – Feb 2012 – Open to suggestions 😉 Any Ideas?

Oct/Nov 2010 – New York and Washington and Miami
July – Sept 2010 – Sydney
July 2010 – Manila
June 2010 – Kuala Lumpur – Penang
End May 2010 – Singapore
Jan 2010 – May 2010: Back in Sydney ;
Dec 2009 – Jan 2010: Paris and London
Yes! It’s a tough job – but someone’s gotta do it 😉
My normal turf is Camperdown in Sydney, Australia.

MY SHOOTS: are usually easy, relaxed and lots of fun with your choice of music, soft drinks, juices, Champagne, wine, beer, and even cocktails 😉 – also plenty of good food, snacks, chocolates, and Starburst jellies.

So you get treated with utmost respect, affection and consideration – like a princess.
Models have made comments that they felt “ more beautiful than ever in their lives” “cherished” “loved like part of the family” “sexier than ever” “hot”.
Most models I have worked with remain my friends.

About You: For this project I need really vivacious, out there, uninhibited exhibitionist-type models/musicians/dancers/performers who love seeing themselves in print, on the web, and in large gallery exhibitions. [ If you’re shy, retiring, inhibited – let’s not waste each others time….]

If you’re a dancer – what can I say besides – I love you already…

You don’t have to have any experience, BUT you have be comfortable in your skin & body (high self-esteem), and just be able to step outside yourself and perform, act up, amuse, amaze, enchant.

Sense of humour & self-confidence is a must!

IMPORTANT NOTES Please Read Carefully:
1. Although nudity is not required in every set, for many other sets it is a given – considering the themes/concepts I work on.
And I shoot several concepts in a single shoot;
For this reason, I prefer to work with models who are comfortable with various levels of nudity – and I will only work with models 18+ (preferably over 21).

2. You will have to come with government issued i/d and, you will have to sign a model release.

WHAT I DON’T DEAL WITH – My Blacklist:
– I don’t suffer fools gladly… READ this and my casting calls carefully;
– Divas, pretentious, self-absorbed inconsiderate women;
– Indisciplined people who can’t tell time, who oversleep, or get wasted the night before;
– Flakes masquerading as wannabe models – you know who you are – you with the Facebook/MySpace pout.

TFP/TFCDs: I do VERY limited amount of these depending on my current projects / creative visions. And, it’s by invitation only. Yes.
But feel free to contact me and let me know what your creative visions are, and how we might work together. If you inspire me, Hey, you never know – we might be able to work together soon.

Otherwise, contact me for my Model Portfolio rates – I’m not cheap, but very reasonable for what you get.


About Harry Neelam’s Photo Blog

This blog came about as a result of a stream of mail / calls / facebook messages running consistently over the last five or six years as a result of my work on my photographic portfolio websites and also as a consequence of my photographic workshops in several countries.  The questions were very often same or similar to ones asked over and over gain by many of my photographer students, friends and associates. When I visited many forums for photographers, guess what? They were the same questions again.

So one vacation, when I was feeling particularly energetic, I started playing around with a wordpress site and created a nascent photo blog.
It was pretty, with a beautiful theme and the gallery rocked and rolled and displayed my work beautifully. The overall look was something I took great pride in and showed it to my family friends and clients for several weeks.
Yes, it was an elegantly designed blog, but it didn’t have much content.
I was too taken up by the design aspect (and too lazy to do more).
This blog was soon ignored and then completely neglected as my work and various pressures built up again.

I started it up again, when I next had some free time and I changed the design.
Because I could.
But not much else. Rinse & repeat the above a couple of times.
You get the picture.

Finally, I came back to it because I spent a lot of time emailing my questioners and spending time thinking about all this.
So, I’m back with a firm commitment in 2012 to build up this blog so not only my students, workshop attendees and associates can benefit from this material, but YOU as well!
Sign up for the email newsletter/”How to Start Your Photographic  Business” 21-day course and you will get exclusive material not on this website with additional tips, links to useful info, tips, guides and pointers to great stuff on the web. Do it NOW before you forget – if you haven’t already done so.

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