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Another Josie Image

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Yup! We’re back to Josie again…

Josie - Backless with Lace mask

Josie – Backless with Lace mask

I have this image I really like of Josie and as I’m working on it, I think, I really shouldn’t mess with it – not much anyway.
She looks amazing without any photoshop artifice.
– It’s just her and her dancers body, head and hands – a pose so natural and easy for her,
– a piece of lace worth maybe $8,
– and my lighting.
And click – it’s done.

I first decide to crop into a landscape (horizontal)  format, which suddenly makes the image so much more interesting without the distraction of the dress.

What’s left is the bare back, her gorgeous face with the lace and now, the tattoo is more prominent because it’s kinda the center.
I like it.

Josie - backless with lacemask - original

Josie – backless with lacemask – original

I decide to go Black & White – more arty methinks and further simplification… or not?
Hmmm, good but it takes something away. But what?
So I decide to go for a navy blue feel, I’m thinking two-tone, maybe not…
I keep tweaking until I see the exact color I had in my head.
And it’s done.

The freckles are a lil bit more prominent.
I Like it – I’m one of those guys that likes freckles on a woman.
Someone once said “freckles on a woman are like the stars in the sky – no one likes a starless sky”
Couldn’t agree more.
[I’m paraphrasing to the best of my recollection, ok? Please don’t write to complain.]

At this stage, all I’ve done is crop, colour and lower the prominence of the freckles (more for her, than for me).
I haven’t done any retouching on the face besides the most minor of corrections on a few lil (tiny really) zits or bumps.
She’s gorgeous and I’m happy that I stayed my hand from doing gratuitous retouching.

I’m proud.
I hope she is too.




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