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Casting Call: DANCERS & GYMNASTS in SYDNEY for “BLACK, BLUE & RED SWAN” Exhibition

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Internationally published/exhibited/awarded Photographic Artist Harry Neelam is seeking vivacious, extraordinary, extroverted, versatile uninhibited DANCERS, GYMNASTS, AERIALISTS  & CONTORTIONISTS, ACTORS, PERFORMERS  (both FEMALE & MALE) in Sydney and Greater Sydney (Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, etc), for his new project called “BLACK, BLUE & RED SWAN” where you will be featured in stunning large gallery images.
I also welcome MUAs, Stylists, Body Artists and other creatives (see below):


If you bring costumes & accessories & props to the party- so much the better…
And, if you’re a dancing couple, I’d be interested in talking to you.
And, yes, we will collaborate if you have some WILD IDEAS. I will welcome your input…


– An exciting shoot (which would normally cost you $2850) – and nowadays I mostly work in Europe and USA so get in while I’m here in Australia.
– Two huge  30”x20” [ 75cm  x  50  cm] Posters with you headlining as the star! [Worth $350]
– 2-3 large professionally produced archival prints, [Worth $180] and,
– Professionally retouched digital Images for your use online. [Worth $200]
– You will also be featured in my gallery exhibitions in Berlin, London, Paris and New York. [Priceless]
STYLISTS / BODY ARTISTS / CREATIVES – I will credit you and give you publicity images you want/need. I am known to be big-hearted and generous.

[KINDLY NOTE: Regardless of the above – I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ALLOW additional EDITING or REWORKING of my images by models or other participants] 

PLUS, I will be happy to do your headshots / fashion / or my style of imagery for you in addition for free – limited to 1-hour of shooting. [Worth at least $500]
I’m being generous here because I normally charge $2850 per day for a shoot – so please do read my casting call completely and comply with my specifications. Show me you’re really interested.

  • WHERE? Shooting in Sydney Town
  • NUDITY: There may be varying levels of dance-type nudity involved – so I’m looking for real passionate performers.
  • FOOD & WINE: There will be free-flowing bubbly / wine / beer / snacks / chocolates and Starburst sours to keep us fed and lubricated and having a great old time and we’ll have a good, civilised lunch.
  • YOU WILL HAVE FUN: I promise you will enjoy the shoot and have the opportunity for further shoots with me after this. I usually shoot again & again with the same models.
    1. When applying use the secret keywords “NUTCRACKER” so that I know you have read this.
    2.  Please also add your mobile phone number and add me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/hneelam when applying.
    3. TELL ME why you want to be in this.

Let’s talk soon…

[I will respond to all messages to my inbox or on Facebook. You may use the form below for your convenience – but make sure you fill in all details CORRECTLY – otherwise I wont be able to contact you.]

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If you send it to me, I will publish it here and give you full credit for it and link to your FB page or your website.

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Start by at least making a comment below in SPEAK YOUR MIND ;-)

Thanks - Harry Neelam

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