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Hayley: ORGANICS Project – II

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I felt like starting this post with “…BECAUSE…”
Why have I embarked on the Organics Project and what’s it all about?
– Because I can.
– Because I’ve been Photoshopping forever.
– Because I want to go back to basics.
– Because I want to bring honesty, reality and uh, yes, sexy back.
– Because it makes me feel good.
– Because a lot of women would rather go nekkid in front of my camera than go barefaced without their makeup.

But then there are others who will do it.
– Because they find it refreshing and rewarding.
– Because they are too young to care.
– Because they mature enough to know makeup does not define them.
– Or simply because they want to shoot with me and trust me enough to know I will not let them down.
Whatever the reason, I am enjoying having these wonderful women, young and old,  turn up with fresh faces as if they have just emerged from the shower and say with their eyes “I believe in you Harry, don’t let me down – make images I want to be proud of…”

So I try…

Here’s Hayley, who traveled some distance to shoot with me.
I wanted to shoot her as I saw her – a very likeable, happy and smart young woman – confident yet with a naivety and the innocence of youth…perched on the brink of womanhood.
I didn’t want to go for the fantasy or hyper-glamour treatment just yet…


Hayley – Art Portrait

Hayley "innocence"

Hayley “Innocence”

She had gentle, dreamy, misty eyes and a softness in her personality that I wanted to portray.
My first two portraits of her hopefully do that.

We did a lot more of course, and also my HN Signature 4×4 series which is real fun and demonstrates her kooky nature (coming soonish).
But we ended on a high note – with Hayley low on the floor 😉
This is like a Beauty/Cosmetic ad-style full-on glam treatment.
The young innocent, naive, dreamy girl blooms to stunning womanhood!

As they say to me in France “..’Arry, you ‘ave to make look ‘ot”  [Translation: “Harry, you have to make me look HOT”]

“Ayley, if this ain’t ‘ot, I don’t know what is….”


Hayley – Glamor Girl


More on Hayley soon…



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