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PHOTOGRAPHY NICHE: We Shoot Bottles / We Shoot Cans

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Talk about being specific.
Talk about being in a narrowly defined niche.
Talk about having branding that is so clear, no one would mistake it for anything else.

This  photography studio based in Yorkshire UK has niches that are very clearly defined and headlined in the two names of their two businesses:
The first is called WE SHOOT BOTTLES– guess what it does.

 The second is called WE SHOOT CANS. No ambiguity, no smart alec dancing around the  subject. 
And their domain names are similarly straightforward.

This works beautifully for a business, for “top of mind”  when a customer needs product shots of bottles or cans, and wonderfully for search engines as well:
If you Google  “Bottle Photography”, this business comes up as number 1 at the top of the page. Which translates to more customers and more business. 

With such a straightforward approach, you would expect their websites to be as transparent.
And it’s crystal clear. The sites are single page scrolling sites with no fluff or filler.

  • This is what we do.
  • This is how we do it.
  • This is how much it will cost you. 
    End of story!

No flash presentations, no searching for information – it’s all clearly laid out.

The studio photographs products in bottles (or cans) whether it’s Coke, or beer, dishwashing liquid, fabric softener, whisky, vodka or an energy drink.

The client sends the product to the studio, they shoot it, cut it out and retouch it in Photoshop, add extras such as reflections, condensation or shadows and deliver it online or via CD.

How Much Does It Cost? Where many studios like to keep this under wraps – the website clearly spells out the low cost and points out the extras. For time-poor entrepreneurs who don’t have the luxury of  unlimited time, this is a distinct advantage. Batting the breeze with long-winded salespeople is not high on the list of priorities for small businesses with one 2 or 3 persons running it.

We Shoot Bottles is a subsidiary of Red Photography Ltd – a brilliant idea, brilliantly executed.

Website: www.weshootbottles.com  / www.redphotography.com/cans/
Contact: studio@weshootbottles.com


  1. Don’t be afraid to narrow your niche down to the simplest specifics;
  2. If you do more than one thing – which may be similar, but different – make two niche businesses. People who want bottles shot may not need cans to be shot and vice versa; 
  3. In a tightly defined niche business, you are already simplified. Make your website and marketing as easy to understand as possible.  You may not need BIOs and ABOUT sections.
  4. Don’t be afraid to state your pricing. Sure, some competitors may follow. BUT, you will gain more time-poor clients who don’t want to dance around with businesses who play coy.


UPDATE: While searching for similar niche sites I came across a newish Australian site (specialized in wine bottles) that does much the same thing , but has taken up the website another notch. They have discarded the bare minimum approach of the British site and added a lot more useful detail. If you would like the comfort of more information or you have geeky tendencies, then this site will be more your speed. If you need your wine bottles shot in Australia:   Check out: http://www.bottlephotography.com.au/  


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