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This Girl is RIDICULOUS!

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Susn Dybvyk - Triple Threat

Susn Dybvyk – Triple Threat

[ABOVE: Seriously, is this how good you’re allowed to look after an intense, marathon 8-hour shoot?? Cool, poised, and just not raising a sweat?
There oughta be a law against looking this good after a huge photoshoot!
These images are unretouched and SOOC – Straight out of Camera]

Yesterday, I shot with Susn Dybvyk…
That is an understatement – it was more a marathon.
A full-on 8-hour day with nothing but a coupla 2-minute toilet breaks.

My normal shoot days are nice and easy, we discuss, plan, sort, eat, drink and sail through 4-6 sets by the time we are done.
I do tend to tire all my models out – and kill myself in the process;
My shoots can get pretty intense, but still there are lulls and breaks in the shooting.

Yesterday was crazy, I went through several memory cards and my strobes overheated. (!)
It may have been only marginally because of the heat Susn generated 😉
It was more because we worked like maniacs and shot like our lives depended on it.

They didn’t. Our lives, I mean.
I was shooting for my “Raw & Honest” project and Susn was building her professional modelling folio.

Susn Dybvyk - LightBlast

Susn Dybvyk – LightBlast [CLICK to enlarge]

She has all the characteristics of a SuperModel and performs professionally, quickly and precisely to directions and we tended to finish each set and hop on seamlessly to the next one.
And that meant we shot fully charged on the adrenalin only and went from set to set to set without breaks.
[You will be seeing many other sets here over the next few weeks.]

When I finally turned the strobes off, I let Susn wind down and chill and suggested she lie down on the couch – I poured her some pink champagne…
Then I saw how steamy and sultry she was looking, and although she wasn’t posing, she looked like a celebrity in Vanity Fair magazine.

I turned a 5DMkII to natural light settings and just started to walk around her clicking away.
I must’ve shot for all of 5 minutes and realised I had yet another set!
The image below is one of the resulting images.

Then I stopped and poured myself a glass – and saw her sitting and just quietly staring at me packing down.
Again, I thought it was too good to miss and shot the triple image montage at the top of this story.
Eat your heart out Scarlett Johansson…

Susn Dybvyk - In Marilyn Mode

Susn Dybvyk – In Marilyn Mode


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