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WHY YOU WILL NEVER BE MIRANDA KERR – and how you can come close

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Many wannabe “models” tell me Supermodel Miranda Kerr is their “role model”.
That’s a good one – aspiring to be like Miranda can’t be bad at all.

This is why you will NEVER be Miranda Kerr though:

– She’s a sweetie to shoot with and carries out the most ridiculous jobs with grace, professionalism and aplomb.
View the video and watch as she says “Oichiii” ( babytalk for YUM! ) Then doesn’t miss a beat as a hooded and caped man hands her a bottle of Lipton Limone – that would have been tough. I would have fallen down giggling – and most of the crew did!

– She’s disciplined, focused, hard-working and always completes the job amazingly;
YOU – start out wanting to do it….but then, Oooohhh! New shiny thing….poof…

– She doesn’t complain, whinge or moan.
But she’s human – does she have bad days,  illness, or problems? Of course, she would.
Does she bring it to the shoot? Nope – that’s PROfessionalism.
Her problems remain HER private problems.
(She was walking the catwalks for Victoria’s Secret while heavily pregnant with her baby).
YOU want everyone to know you have boyfriend problems or how bad the traffic was or how you didn’t want to get up this morning.

Then there’s Giselle Bundchen – another sweetie Supermodel, but a hardworking respected professional. And she makes millions a year!
Kylie Minogue, Elle Macpherson, Adriana Lima, and there is a rollcall of many multi-millionairesses who are so because people LOVE working with them.
Because they are PROfessional, Because they work their butts off, but also because they always deliver!
And, they’re not hard, or difficult, or obnoxious divas. They are loved by all who work with them.

So if you want to be like Miranda Kerr? Don’t just talk about how you want to be like Miranda on Facebook…
Get up early in the morning and start WORKING like her.

Oh BTW – there’s another reason you can’t actually be Miranda Kerr.
SHE’s Miranda Kerr!

JUST BE THE VERY BEST YOU CAN BE – and you might get close.


Watch the video of the Japanese Lipton Limone  TVC  shoot

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