Art Portraits



We have a pre-shoot consultation with you to decide how you want to look, what your fantasies are,
what you like and dislike, what we need to do to make your dreams come true 😉
STYLES & MOVEMENTS:   You can choose from any style or movement – see images below:

  • Romantic,
  • Surrealistic,
  • Painterly,
  • Art Noveau,
  • Art Deco,
  • Abstract,
  • Baroque,
  • Pop Art,
  • Impressionistic,
    or any combination;

Any classical artist from Botticelli, Carvaggio, Degas,  thru to Gauguin, Raffael, Ingres, Gerome, Renoir, Dali, Magritte, and more.
Modern artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keefe, Beardsley, Mucha, Erte, and so many others…

For your Enlarged Stretched Canvas Giclee print, you can also choose:

  • COLOURS You can choose specific colours if you so desire,  to match the furnishings and decor of your bedroom or living room or hallway.
  • SHAPES / ORIENTATION You may choose between horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) orientations for rectangular images or even have a perfectly balanced square image produced.



The Art Noveau Style
[ Think Alphonse Mucha / Aubrey Beardsley / Gustav Klimt ]
Highly stylised, with very distinctive curves, embellishments, decorative trim

Suits those who enjoy the complexity of the style and the decorations which are representative of the style.
This style will be chosen by those who like the vintage and retro aesthetic and particularly that of the 20, 30, 40, and 50s.
These images are also those which will easily blend into any decor whether vintage, classic or modern.



The Art Deco Style
[ Think Tamara de Lempicka / Georges Barbier / Leon Bakst ]

The Romantic Style
[ Think Delacroix/ Chasseriau ]
Soft, gentle images with pastel colours and romantic objects & environments with butterflies, flowers, fruits, clouds.
Suits those who are more girly-girl and like to think of themselves as feminine, ladies, girly, soft.
This style is very pleasing and easy on the eye and may be displayed almost anywhere.
The response to these images is almost always positive and complimentary, not only from other women, but men as well.


The Baroque Style
[ Think Caravaggio / Rubens / Vermeer ]
Complex, stylised and very ornamental styles

These images tend to be more formal, intense and complex with ornamentation which creates a pleasing chaotic aesthetic. For our purposes, so that the subject/model is the center of attention and focus, the elements are toned down. These images are also easily identifiable as “Art” in the sense they are not normal, realistic or common.


The Pin Up Style
[ Think Vargas / Gil Everen ]
Retro, Vintage, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s

This ranges from super glamourous sex-kitten to lingerie, skimpy attire, high heels, stockings to cutesy-pie poses, attire and situations including domestic situations, kitchen, laundry, ironing, mowing lawn, on phone – exemplifying the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype. This style is highly posed and, even if portraying domestic bliss, quite unrealistic. One could even call it a tongue-in-cheek parody of real women. But whatever you call it, it is always lighthearted fun – and funny.